The Urech Quads


River Leigh, Rayne Marie, Julianne Carroll, and Skye Elizabeth arrived on November 13, 2006!!!!

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Beau and I began our journey almost 2 years ago when we got married on Sept.4th, 2004. We both knew we wanted kids, but never in a million years did we think we'd be expecting quads!

Little did we know the roller coaster we would be on. After one miscarriage and many months of trying again, we finally got the news we had wanted--"It's positive~ You're pregnant!!" on May 16th, 2006.

On June 2, 2006 we went in together for our first sonogram to see. Since we knew there was a chance for twins or maybe even tripletts, we went in to see how many. When our ultrasound technician said, I don't want to alarm you, but I think I see 4 sacks. Not a problem I thought, because it doesn't mean all of them have a baby in it. Well.......
By the time she finished evaluating each one, we did indeed have 4!! Beau and I looked at each, kinda laughed and said "Well, we didn't discuss that number".

After finding out we were having quads, we started to talking to lots of Doctors and groups of multiples and families of multiples. Their help and information has been invaluable and has made us feel that we can do this and how full and fun our lives will be.

From them we learned of a Doctor in Phoenix, Dr. John Elliot,who specializes in high-order multiple births. After speaking with him and going out to Phoenix to meet him, his practice and to see Banner Good Samaritan Hospital, we have decided to go there to deliver the quads. We will go there at the end of August and stay until everyone is released and ready to come home. Our goal is to reach 32-34 weeks (between 11/28 and 12/12/06) and be home New Year's.

Our doctors here, Dr. Wells and Dr.Albert and their staff have been very supportive with this decision and have given us the best care. I know we wouldn't have gotten as far and in this good a shape without them before leaving for Phoenix.

So far the pregnancy has gone great. I haven't driven Beau crazy (that I know of) and have felt great 99% of the time. However at 4 months, I look like I'm 9!! I am still trying to eat my 4000 calories a day. Some days are much easier than others.

On August 1st, our ultrasound showed that it will be 4 girls!

On August 19th our neighbors gave us an amazing shower. I have some of the nicest and most generous people living around me who I am looking forward to getting to know better. I am so grateful for their generousity and their offers of help for when we get back from Phoenix. It was also very much confirmed this week that is ALL girls! Beau is getting use to the color pink, but is really excited. He has already decided they can't date till their 21.