The Urech Quads


River Leigh, Rayne Marie, Julianne Carroll, and Skye Elizabeth arrived on November 13, 2006!!!!

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We're here!!!!!!!!

River Leigh born at 7:04pm  weighing 3lb 1oz

Rayne Marie born at 7:06pm  weighing 3lb 7oz

Julianne Carroll born at 7:07  weighing  3lb 1oz

Skye Elizabeth born at 7:09pm weighing 2lb 13 oz

Pictures and Video
These are pictures of the girls on Day 3 taken by their Uncle William. Also, news stories from two Phoenix television stations.

NICU Pics Day 3

Channels 10 & 3 News Stories


We have made it to 18weeks all is going great! Still have a challenge getting all the food in. Can't say I make it everyday. The girls are doing great and are measuring right on target and are estimated to weigh 7-8 oz. already and are moving all over the place!

As of today (9/19/06), we are 21 weeks. Things are still going great. We are now in Phoenix and getting settled in the apt. The journey over was uneventful which I was very greatful for. We finally got the internet situation fixed so I can finally connect with the outside world! We've met with the Dr's a few times and are very happy with all of them and the staff. Beau and I are so glad we came. I'm not on bedrest YET, but I'm doing less everyday. It is a workout to just get off the couch or off the bed! I'm now 51 inches around. (Scary-still have 3months to go!) At the last ultrasound all the girls were weighing about 12oz and are moving all over the place. Beau can even feel them kicking now. Phoenix is beautiful and very easy to get around.


At 23 weeks things are still going great.   The girls are measuring between 1lb7oz and 1lb 5oz.    They are getting so big and beautiful.  And are really learning how to kick!!   Their growth has definitely made my moving around and getting up and down much more challenging.    Overall, I'm doing great.  My pulse runs high, which is some concern, but laying around more keeps it down to the acceptable layer.

We're at 26wk now and only 8 more to go!!   All reports are going great.  We have passed the 24 wk & 26 wk fibronectic test.  This test if a certian protien is present.  If prestent, you have a high chance of delivering in the next 2 weeks.   Dr. Elliot is doing some research that is in the early stages and he is finding that if you pass the first 2, the chance of delivery before 30 weeks is very slim.  This was such excititng news for us.    NExt week they will do another growth scan of the girls and we can't wait to see how big and get more pictures.   We did get the ultrasound tech to measure one for us this week just to see, and our little one measure at 2lb 4oz.   This is a great weight  and they have started to hiccup which helps to strengthen their lungs.  All are wonderful signs.