The Urech Quads


River Leigh, Rayne Marie, Julianne Carroll, and Skye Elizabeth arrived on November 13, 2006!!!!

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Welcome to the Urech Quads Website!!

We will be updating often to let you know how the pregnancy and babies are doing. So far, everything is going well.

On Aug 1st, we found out it will be 4 girls!!

People have been so generous and helpful.
Our family and close friends have been amazing!!
Beau and I are so grateful!

From our ultrasound at 16wks, Dr. Wells, says everyone is doing great. The girls are moving like crazy.

We're now heading into the 19th week. It is definitely 4 girls and they are still doing great. I have grown about 3 more inches (very scary) and am moving ALOT slower. Thank goodness Beau is a patient man.

We leave this week to head for Phoenix, I can't believe it here already. Beau has worked so hard to get the house ready. My neighbors and friends gave us an amazing shower. I can't wait for the girls to see all their new "stuff". I hope to have some pictures up for this soon.

Well, we got to Phoenix and so far so good. I want to thank everyone for their help getting out here, esp Carol, Liz, William, and our neighbors. More pictures have been added and the other pages updated.

For those who want to know, we are presently registered at:

Babies R Us

We have a new email address. Our internet company was bought out. Here is the new address
Hope to hear from you!